Wheel of Fortune Retro Tarot Art Print Vintage Wall Decor


Tarot Print Wheel of Fortune Retro Poster Rider Print
Giclee art print featuring “Wheel of Fortune” from the iconic Rider Waite Tarot set. Perfect for boho decor, used for divination since the early 1900’s. Print is delivered unframed. Size variations are in inches.


This archival quality giclée art print features the design of the Wheel of Fortune card from the classic 1910 Rider Waite Tarot deck’s Major Arcana. It is meant to symbolize change, and depending on its position, can refer to good luck or instability. Perfect for boho home decor, kitschy wall art, and creating good vibes.

This print is available in a selection of sizes and media. All pieces are created using archival pigment inks for vibrant, long lasting colors (100+ years). We select our media to support vivid color depiction, image accuracy, longevity and texture to feel. We are passionate about print and want the tangible experience of printed media to be a beautiful one. Learn more about our media options.

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