Vibe Guide: Modern Whimsy is Afoot in Moon in Jupiter

Vibe Guide: Moon in Jupiter

These hand-picked items give us all the vibes of relaxation, thoughtfulness and a touch of modern whimsy.

Picture a palette that leans on light neutral tones with a mild rose tint and an accent of bright and refreshing emerald green. Finish it off with natural textures and modern, clean lines – ideal for a calm yet creative sanctuary.


Bonita Bean Bag Chair
by Seven Seas Home in East Ballina, Australia

High quality fabric and lining make the BONITA bean bag chair a fantastic addition to any space where a comfortable and casual seat is a must. A removable cover for easy cleaning and a webbing handle for hanging make this bean bag a practical win. Item ships without filling. Contact shop owner for shipping outside of Australia.


Pair of Iridescent Titanium Quartz Geode Lamp Finials
by Top Finials in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

These beautifully crafted finials are the enduring final touch to your favorite lamp. Made from iridescent titanium quartz geode artfully mounted on brushed nickel base, these beauties can elevate a simple fixture to something truly special.


Ceramic Hamsa
by HandPlusFiber in Boston, Massachusetts

Styled as a beautifully rustic ceramic hanging piece, this hamsa is both ornamental and practical, if you’re trying to keep the negativity at bay. Each hamsa is hand carved with patterns in a soft blush clay, and finished off with hemp yarn adorned with brass and ceramic beads.


La Luna Art Print
$9.00 – $89.00
by WeLoveCMYK in Clearwater, Florida

Available in small and large formats, this classic La Luna print is inspired by the retro Loteria game that was popularized in Mexico generations ago. The design is offered on paper canvas, satin and tradition double-woven cotton canvas for that extra texture and color vibrance. A statement piece that complements as well as enhances the decor around it.